About Us

Crowther Mediation is the largest independent mediation practice in the North East of England providing a range of civil, family, workplace and SEN mediation services to businesses.

Our team also offer mediation training and supervision to mediators and HR departments across the UK and international markets.

With six offices in the region, we are well served to support a range of different businesses and are proud of the reputation we have developed over the years.

Registered with the civil mediation council, our team are also proud to be approved by the EU to provide services globally.

Nicola Crowther

After a successful career practicing Civil, Commercial and Family Law in the North East for over twelve years, Nicola retrained as a Mediator in 2010. Nicola is an accredited member of the Family Mediation Association and the Civil Mediation Council. She is also a Professional Practice Consultant (PPC) responsible for the training and supervision of other mediators. Nicola is an elected board member of the Family Mediation Association.

Areas of expertise:
Nicola deals with Civil and Commercial Mediations, often on an international basis, dealing more specifically with contractual disputes in a broad spectrum, from individuals to Plcs.

Family Mediation, including financial and children issues. Nicola, specialises in assisting high net worth clients to negotiate financial settlements and is qualified to consult directly with children during the mediation process.

Mediation Style:
Nicola has strong negotiating skills with an engaging and collaborative style.  She is quick to grasp the issues and engage the parties in looking for solutions.  Whilst showing a degree of empathy and understanding for the often difficult situations she is faced with, she takes a practical approach to moving parties towards resolution.

Judith Hume

After spending a number of years working within the financial industry, Judith retrained as a mediator in 2015. Judith is a member of the Family Mediation Association governed by the Family Mediation Council. Her previous work as a financial planner allows Judith to provide a comprehensive insight into financial matters.

Areas of expertise:
Judith has a good knowledge of tax law coupled with a natural flair for resolving financial disputes between high net worth clients, particularly where there are family businesses involved or self employed individuals.

Mediation Style:
Judith has a calm and friendly approach which helps put clients at ease, whilst helping them stay focused within the process of mediation to reach a resolution of their issues.

Judith also shows a great deal of empathy and insight when dealing with family disputes relating to children and achieves lasting results.

Simon Horne

Simon came to mediation after a combined career in nursing, teaching and counselling, including nine years as a chaplain in the Royal Navy. He retrained as a mediator in 2015. He’s a workplace mediator accredited with the Civil Mediation Council and is a registered practitioner with Scottish Mediation. He’s also a family mediator accredited with Relationships Scotland and is a member of the College of Mediators, which is governed by the Family Mediation Council.

Areas of Expertise

With extensive experience mediating in the Public Sector, Simon is also building mediation experience with sole traders and small businesses through his membership of the Federation of Small Businesses. He’s also mediated with churches and faith-based communities. He’s a member of the Royal Navy’s mediation team, working with contractors and civil servants as well as with uniformed personnel and their families.

Mediation Style

Simon’s previous work with people in a variety of contexts enriches his mediation style, in the workplace as well as with families. He understands how being independent and providing a confidential safe space can release possibilities, choices and ways forward for people previously stuck. Seeing this happen makes Simon passionate about mediation.

Kerry Rumney

Kerry Rumney joined the practice in 2014 and has proven to be a popular choice for solicitors and clients alike.  Kerry brings a wealth of experience to her role as a mediator after spending ten years working as a Crown Court Clerk in Newcastle.  Arising from this, she has good links with the local legal community, enabling Crowther Mediation to provide our clients with a seamless, stress free service.

Kerry is an accredited member of the Family Mediation Association governed by the Family Mediation Council and is able to consult directly with children during the mediation process.

Areas of expertise:
Kerry is able to mediate all aspects of family disputes, but particularly specialises in children matters.

Kerry has an interest in Special Educational Needs (SEN) Mediation, furthered by her role as a governor at a local special educational needs school.

Mediation Style:
Kerry has a creative and appropriately challenging style which encourages clients to consider solutions they might not previously have thought of, whilst at the same time dealing with sensitive matters with a great deal of empathy and understanding.

Andrew Ballinger

Andrew is an accomplished mediator who previously worked in consultancy, management and legal services for 17 years in a number of different sectors, and through this varied professional life he developed a wide range of skills and techniques that he applies in the mediation forum. He is passionate about people and regards mediation as his vocation, helping clients to settle their disputes in a manner which enables them move forward. Andrew also spends time working in the charity sector.

Areas of expertise:
Andrew confidently deals with several areas of dispute resolution, but in particular disputes involving the construction industry.

Andrew also works with families in dispute helping them to make arrangements that best suit their needs.

Mediation Style:
Andrew has a directive approach and he does not shy away from tackling difficult issues.  Clients have confidence in Andrew’s abilities and see real results arising out of his work.

Steve Crosland

Steve has over 20 years of senior management experience within large UK and US owned companies, working mainly as a Director of Human Resources across the UK and mainland Europe.

Steve became a fully accredited workplace mediator in 2014 utilising a wealth of experience in managing workplace and employment disputes gained throughout his career.

He is a member of the Civil Mediation Council, a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD and member of the British Psychological Society.

Areas of expertise:
Steve specialises in resolution of a wide range of workplace disputes, blending over 25 years business experience to offer a bespoke service to clients in both the private and public sector.

He has dealt with many complex and sensitive issues at all seniority levels in organisations, working with parties to reach practical solutions.

Mediation style:
Using an effective facilitative style, Steve blends an active joint problem solving approach to identify the real issues of dispute and to help parties to develop options that work for them  in terms of resolution and settlement.  Steve has excellent communication skills and a calm and reassuring inter-personal style underpinned by a wealth of broad employee relations expertise and understanding.

luisa williams

Dr Luisa Williams

Luisa Williams is a practicing Psychologist of over 20 years experience who specialises in children and young people. She has worked within the NHS, schools, and organisations, and is recognised as a Associate Fellow of British Psychological Society for her contribution to psychology. She provides assessment, diagnosis, and intervention to help children and families overcome difficulties and improve overall wellbeing. Luisa provides consultations and clinics in schools, residential homes and private families across the North East.

Areas of expertise:
Luisa has specific expertise in the treatment of trauma, anger, and harmful sexual behaviour and is a published author in her field.

Mediation style:
Luisa adopts an engaging and child centred approach to enabling families work together.

Sue Cottam

Sue joined the practice as a Mediation Assistant in 2017 after a career at Sunderland University. Sue is often the first point of contact for clients and is able to answer questions relating to the mediation process. She is also the person who will answer any queries or concerns in between mediation sessions.

Sue has an efficient, yet sympathetic, approach to her work, enabling clients to feel at ease whilst Crowther Mediation take matters in hand.

Lisa Harvey

Lisa joined the practice as a Mediation Assistant after a successful career in the Royal Navy as a Service Police officer and a number of years in property management. Lisa is often the first point of contact for clients and is able to answer questions regarding the mediation process. She is also the person who will address any queries between mediation meetings.

Lisa has a positive, friendly and approachable manner which immediately puts clients at ease.