Mediation in the UAE

Family Mediation

Expatriate families going through divorce or separation face an entirely different set of rules or risks to those going through separation in the UK.  Crowther Mediation specialises in helping expatriate couples in the UAE to navigate those risks and identify solutions which best suit their own needs and the needs of their children.

Our principal mediator, Nicola Crowther, has developed a wealth of experience dealing with cases in the UAE and finds mediation presents a more effective way of resolving disputes than facing the uncertainty of a court process.

There is a unique dilemma facing expatriates when deciding when and which country to divorce as the outcomes can differ widely and be unpredictable.  Making your own decisions relating to finance and children in mediation, presents a far more logical approach than leaving matters to chance with the courts.

Those facing a marriage breakdown in the UAE will face issues relating to visas and sponsorship, custody and guardianship for children and the rules relating to divorce under Sharia Law.

Crowther Mediation can help to alleviate the additional stress of divorcing as an expatriate in the UAE. We will provide a bespoke, personal service, arranging appointments at a time best suited to you.  Each party will have an individual assessment meeting (MIAM – an essential part of the English Legal system).  This first meeting presents an opportunity for you to explain the issues you would like to resolve and discuss the mediation process in more detail.  Participants are then invited to attend a mediation session which will take place during the course of one day, with participants deciding whether or not to be in the same room and having legal representation on hand should they need it.

Each case is unique, as are the solutions we find.  It therefore makes sense for us to taylor  make a mediation process that suits your needs and provides the best possible chance of finding your unique solution.

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